5 Lucrative Cannabis Business Ideas to contemplate with regards to the Legal Weed Industry 

//5 Lucrative Cannabis Business Ideas to contemplate with regards to the Legal Weed Industry 

5 Lucrative Cannabis Business Ideas to contemplate with regards to the Legal Weed Industry 

Cannabis used to be an outlawed drug. However, the recent scientific findings that show cannabis has multiple disease-preventing capabilities have seen states in the U.S.A. and other countries around the world loosen the laws governing cultivation and distribution of marijuana. For those considering online business ideas in the legal cannabis industry, here is a rundown on a few:

Ø Marijuana delivery apps are the kinds of online business ideas you should seriously contemplate

With the loosening of laws governing marijuana in most states, you can develop an app for delivery of this weed. Legalization means demand will only skyrocket moving forward. And just like the explosion of e-commerce, many will want to order their marijuana in the comfort of their homes. All a customer will need to do is open the app, pick out their bud and quantity, and it’s delivered at their door step.

Ø Cannabis consulting company is another online entrepreneur idea in the legal weed industry

With the loosening of laws governing marijuana cultivation and sales in most states, cannabis dispensaries have started to mushroom in those states. These new dispensaries will need licenses and people to manage them. Therefore, starting a marijuana consulting company to assist these dispensaries procures licenses and workforce can be a profitable venture. An example of a marijuana consulting company that is doing well right now is, MedMen, located in California.

Ø Restaurant and lodging that encourages weed smoking is among the most profitable online business ideas to today

With weed smoking prohibited in almost all hotels, restaurants and other public places, you can make a lot of cash from starting a restaurant or accommodation establishment that allows marijuana smoking. This can bring in extraordinary income, as all cannabis smokers will flock to your establishment. You can create a website and advertise your establishment online, and soon enough, you’ll be overwhelmed by customers who want to associate with like-minded clients.

Ø Internet business opportunities like cannabis event planning can be lucrative

Planning cannabis-based events at this time of marijuana boom can turn out to be more profitable. You can organize a cannabis-based event like ‘’bring-your-own marijuana,’’ where marijuana enthusiasts showcase their marijuana, including their byproducts. With these events, you can build a weed networking company to cater to these clients and make a decent income.

Ø Child-resistant cannabis bags is also one of the best online business ideas you can consider

Although marijuana is legalized in some states, stringent regulations come along with it. Everything used in storage and transportation of marijuana must be meet government standards. The standards require that children or other people are not exposed to the smell of cannabis. So starting a company to manufacture child proof opaque bags and other smell-proof bags makes sense.

With the legalization and consequent cannabis boom, there is a ton of online businesses ideas you can think of to tap into this opportunity. The only catch is that you must be duly licensed and follow the states cannabis standards to the latter.

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